Monday, May 17, 2010

Mowgli has been taking art and crafts classes and loves them. They've made mosaic mirrors, fish kites for Boys' Day, block prints, etc. This is his bird bath. At the beach he dug a hole in the sand, poured the plaster, added shells and a bird perch, and ouila!

Aloha and Welcome!

Hello to all of our family flung across the country! Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Louisiana........... I've decided to start a blog so anyone interested, especially those grandparents, can stay updated on our homeschool adventure. I've attempted this blog a couple times but been unable to find the time to keep it up. Now I have an iPhone so I hope I will finally be able to do this. Please be patient!  I won't be using my son's real name so have decided to call him Mowgli. He is a jungle boy!  Mowgli is an avid artist, and some of you have asked to see his drawings. I thought this would be the perfect way to share them.  He likes to lay them out, take pictures of them, and have me write descriptions. I will be adding more in the future about the styles of homeschooling we're drawn to (ie. the method of our madness), why we're homeschooling (we're crazy!), etc. Please feel free to comment and of course offer any suggestions or ideas. I promise I won't put you on Santa's list - that is the one that gets the lump of coal. ;)